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High density HDPE self adhesive membrane
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Hello, everyone, I am High density HDPE self adhesive waterproof membrane .
I adopt the pre-paving and anti-sticking process without need for protection layers and full bonding of construction.
You may see me in China Western International Fair and China Western International Expo City awarded Luban Prize.
Do you want to know how I come into being? Take a look at here. 

I have high quality materials.

All raw materials for the products come from well-known enterprises at home and abroad such as China Petrochemicals and Dow Chemicals. The adhesives for production of waterproof membranes are developed by independently and manufactured with overseas advanced making equipment, enabling them to have excellent performances such as strong bonding strength and strong water resistance.
Further, the raw materials will receive strict inspection after entering the factory. The materials are used based on the principle of “First in and First out” to effectively ensure perfect quality of products.
I become stronger with the advanced production process and equipment.
High density HDPE self adhesive waterproof membrane production line

Full-process control over tension
It is ensured the sheets will not be stretched or shrunk so that the manufactured products will be smooth and free from creases, bends and the external quality of products can be therefore maximized.
Automatic application of adhesives
Matched with production speed, the application amount of adhesives will remain constant with thickness precision up to 0.05mm. Therefore, the stable quality of products can be fully guaranteed.
Automatic deviation correcting system
Those deviating membranes can be timely corrected precisely to ensure the transverse surfaces of membranes are always smooth and orderly during production.
In addition, the production line is provided with unique automatic loading and unloading system. It is also isolated from moulding and material preparation processes to ensure the production process is more environmentally friendly. High automation level of the entire line greatly improves working efficiency.
I came into being after a series of processes such as roll release, adhesive application, sand spreading, calendering and roll taking-up are performed with the excellent raw materials.
After going through strict exit inspection and standard construction, I finally become part of different buildings.



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